Tween Club – Peer Pressure


Peer Pressure:

We started with the story of a child who was playing tantrums to buy a toy and frustrated parents will buy finally. In the story, we explored –

  • what was challenging for the child?

  • What was the consequence

  • What was the action?

    We then shared today’s session was to explore Challenge, Consequence, action for different scenarios.

Scenario 1: One child Forcing his/her friends to participate in the Musical event
Challenge: Fear of big group, Fear and nervousness on stage, Shy, Say No
Consequence: Few came out of shyness, fear, One chid questioned Peers why should i join? One child gives excuses and promises for next time participation.
Action: Few chose to sing and few did not choose to sing,

Scenario – 2: Nivi wants to participate in Marathon and she pressurizes her friends Achu, Smriti, and Ibbani to also participate in Marathon.

Challenge: Shy, fear of Body not supporting, leg pain.

Consequence: Argument, came out of self-doubt, Satisfaction of running, body pain.
Action: Run in Marathon, practice, putting extra efforts, not running.

Each of us shared scenarios of our own experiences we have faced in our life.

Scenario 1: One faced challenged in Giving more money for the party and then gets next party free

Scenario 2: One faced Pressure to play Slide which was scary and then consequence was she enjoyed and came out of fear
Scenario 3: One faced Pressure to join into animal saver team and then got her demand of friend not being bossy

Scenario 4: One faced the pressure of joining cricket game with friends who were dominating and not giving the chance to play and then i got to play with an agreement to get an equal chance
Scenario 5: As a group, friends wanted to listen to Scary stories and I was also part of it and then everyday night i used to get scared.

We left with a thought, “what can this Peer Pressure do to me”.