Tuk Market – Friday Multiplex – Aarohi X

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people sold their precious candle video, a joke, a bird call recorded, greeting cards, art, paradox ideas, playing cards, skill to make flower garland, story, song, 3d drawings and many more things – listen to the recordings if you wish to buy or sell anything.


In Tuk market, anybody can sell and anybody can buy. We all use TUKs as money.
How will the market work? (It will all happen in zoom)
First all the sellers will get one minute to talk about what they are selling – so we all get to know what all is being sold in the market.
Also, all of us will get 100 TUKs as money to buy.
Then the market will open, and people will buy using private chat in zoom​.
As a buyer, after each purchase, you keep track of what amount is left with you. Limit your buying not more than 100Tuks.
Wait for your order to reach you by Friday evening.
How can I become a seller?
Anyone can become a seller.
The Seller can sell only one item.
You can sell anything that you can send to the buyer in the form of Audio clips, Video Clips, Photos, Text File.
So you can sell – art, music, ideas, advice, stories, riddles, rhymes, recipes, quotations, jokes, history, definitions, explanations, lectures, chit-chat time, … so be creative and come up with your own wonderful selling idea – but one seller sells only one item.
Decide what you want to sell and fix the price of your item.
Remember sellers will also get 100 TUKs and they will also be buyers from other sellers. So you will have fun both by selling and buying
Aarohi-x is all about community learning, collaborating, and interacting.
X stands for Xtending the community to the child’s home. The child decides plans, and does action at home while being supported by the community, processes of Aarohi, and interaction with peers, other parents, and expertise of facilitators of Aarohi.
We started on 1st June 2020, but you can join anytime
Read detailed write up and helpful FAQs here