Trust my capabilities – Avani Electric Saw

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Who is this child? Who is this learner? Do we understand him or her? Do we know what lies inside and in the future of each? Who will show them, teach em, lead em.

Each CAPABLE To Dream, To Think, To Decide, To Do, To Fail, To Achieve, To Assess, To Learn, To Enjoy, To Live. Even if for a moment you think the child is not capable, would you not like the child to be capable? And if we want them to become capable, then we need to invite them to start using their capabilities, polish them, develop them so that soon our belief in their capabilities turns out to be a reality. We notice, with loads of delight that they have every strength in them which is needed to live a life. They may not be using all of them all the time (but then neither do we adults). Can we not recognize, acknowledge and reinforce these strengths. In any case, this capacity and capability-building journey lasts a full lifetime.

DOers (We need not make things learning and life fun for them) Children are designed DOERs. They know, practice and embrace failure as much as success. They love challenges and like to push themselves – no wonder they like to become better at any game or skill. They know how to enjoy life. Their life is effervescently bubbling with their needs, desires, emotions, behaviors, imperfections, trials and achievements.