Trigonometry in rhythms:

Biorhythms were introduced in stimulation activities as a part of rhythms and instruments. It was just an introductory activity. The resources provided for the same was having formula for finding out the value of rhythms. The formula was having sine, cosine and pi in it. Lot of questions started coming. I did not answer them. Few of them told we do not know what are they? I told yes, you can find out about the same.

One child had taken biorhythms as a topic. She had no idea about trigonometry when she started. In process of finding out the values she explored trigonometry conceptJ.

In reflection the child brought:” I explored trigonometry. I enjoyed exploring it. I do not think if this topic was given as a math topic I would have explored this way or would have thought about the application of the same.

So my role is, keep bringing different things in different forms and leave it to the child. Which child will pick what and when I really do not know???