Tree of Life

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I am standing in front of you because of the books I read, places I visited, people I got inspired from, movies I saw and experiences I had…..

Do you think you life experiences have shaped who you are today?

Tree of life is a tool to help one to look at past, present and future. It helps to understand and connect with self deeper.This week in Teens Club we used this tool to get in touch with our self. The tool uses the metaphor of a tree to see our life. Helps us also use our creativity to express our self.

Roots : The roots give the tree it’s nutrition and holds the tree to the ground.

What gives me nourishment, nutrition, inspiration. Where do I draw my strength and what keeps me grounded?

Trunk : The tree trunk stores all its life experiences in its rings.
What are my life experiences, some experiences that changed my life, shaped who am I today. What are the key moments and turning points in my life since I was born to today.

Branches : The tree uses the branches to reach out to the world/sun. What are my skills /gifts / knowledge and strengths that help me branch out in the world.

Leaves : The leaves cook the food – they do the work. What are the skills/gifts/knowledge and strengths I want to develop and grow to be able to do what I want to do like the leaves want to cook food for the tree.

Fruits : The tree takes all its effort to create a fruit.What are my life accomplishments? What am I proud of?

Flowers : The flowers blooms with the goal to turn into a fruit. What are my dreams/goals/hopes/wishes.

Dead leaves : What are the things I want to let go and let it fall on the soil to compost. What behavior/thoughts/habits/incidents do I want to let go and leave behind.

We spent time with oneself, using ones imagination to create ones tree, connection with our experiences and thoughts.

We concluded the session with reading a chapter from ‘My unschooled year by sagarika ‘. We read a chapter on time management and discipline in a free environment.

We ended with sharing something about the activity we did. Sharing some thought or some experience that came up while doing the activity.

We will continue this activity next week. Next week will be an opportunity to share ones story with others, to exchange and heal through listening and sharing.

Personally I have done this activity three times, Every time I discover new things about myself. There is some power in recognizing ones own story and learning from it.