Various travelogues by kids – For many of them it was first experience to write a travelogue. Some had heard this word ‘travelogue’ but had no idea, some took it literally ‘travel’ and filled up travelogue with travel details like when they did what … read more to explore how various children made sense of the word ‘travelogue’.

First they wrote, then their peers gave them feedback and then a group gave feedback. As a facilitator we only introduced them the word travelogue, discussed in group what all they can write, what all they can do in feedback, helped them with exploring google slides and google document…and then it was over to them.

  • Read this travelogue for the pure fun and joy of ‘expression.’ Without any punctuation…it just flows like a river.
  • Travelogue slideshow 1
  • Travelogueslideshow2
  • Travelogueslideshow3
  • Read this one for the fun of usage of newly learnt punctuation and phrase ‘so after’.
  • Read thisone for the fun of flow of thoughts and recollecting in DETAILS
  • Read this for long sentences and long descriptions
  • Read this for narration
  • and Read this for short and sweet description