The word ‘travelogue’ was new to many in the group. So we began our journey. Instead of knowing what it is we just started writing about the trip.After one round of travelogue writing we made a mind map using the following template

Inline images 1
​We used only key words to fill the mind map

and then used the filled up mind map to write MORE in our documentation.Each child made his or her own mind map

After doing the write up – they choose any of the two formats to document:
  1. Write up with in-line photos and drawings and sketches (doing in this magazine format)
  2. Slide-Show – with photos and text in individual slides (doing slideshows)
Once done this round of documentation – it was time to check it, get feedback. We didthis in three rounds
  1. First round is SELF feedback – go through your work and give yourself feedback and improve your documentation
  2. Second round get feedback from parents / siblings / peers at Aarohi
  3. Last round we all together – group feedback

We together created a mindmap to enlist parameters on which we can review and give feedback on documentation.
Inline images 2
During the process it was also time to read about History and relate to what we saw. We used many resources including some websites like

Onechildshared ‘I am feeling like a writer,writingmy ownstory, checking and re-checking’.