Traveling Preparations


Traveling brings amazing learning opportunities – when we travel in a group it brings different dynamics. A trip to MUlki to learn Surfing and creating another learning opportunity was no different for us to learn from life, for life

It began with the question “HOW DO WE LEARN FROM TRAVEL?”

Learning through PREPARATIONS – Data to Look up all the details of travel, bus, train, address, etc. Money Management – Budget, Expenses, Smart spending, Compare choices, Estimate, contextual preparations of resources, SAFETY – safety and understanding the place

Learning through PEOPLE – Interact, Observe, Compare, Language, Accent, Life, Struggles, Find and learn different skills people have, Engage in conversation, talk in the local language, know their history, know about their life and struggles, Interact at tea/barbershop, know about changes of the city,

Learning through OBSERVING – Culture, People, Food, City design, Climate, Geography, Landscape, Language, hospitality, lifestyle, daily routine, hospitality, Daily activities, Architecture, art, dressing, buildings, sunset, travel, designs, market,

Learning through SKILLS – Exchange learning,

Learning about SELF – Reflecting, Writing, Recording, Connect with what is Bothering, Observe, break from the normal schedule, learn to more responsible by becoming more conscious about food/health/logistics/route, etc.

Learning through PARTICIPATION – with place and people, interact, participate in other’s lives (local), ask, offer help, listen to stories, sharing skills, participate and interact with the group, group dynamics, support each other by offering help, change of beliefs/opinions by spending time with others, different buddies, meaningful conversation like asking feelings, debates, cooking together, ask for help from others to get different perspectives, play different games of questioning,


When we play we get engaged at a different energy level.

When we question the books/authors we get engaged in a different conversation.

When we debate we have different energy

When we argue with different opinion there is engagement at a higher level.

When a few of us sit together and sing, there is a different spirit.

When we get the conversation about our feelings/struggles/ beliefs there is a different connection

When I read, I engaged in a different conversation

And when I meditate, when I am silent, when I am observing, when I am watching myself, when I am listening to you, when I am inviting you for a conversation… I am connecting differently to the group.

PREPARING our LEARNING JOURNEY not only for SURFING but for your LIFE!