Travel and Growth


Travel at Aarohi means GROWING. Each travel at Aarohi has a story and this was no different.

If you are travelling from the campus for the first time – keep a day or two to understand the whole dynamics of travelling including – which train, what all stations, timings, understand travel from camps to railway station, expected expenses, budgeting, informing parents about the routes and details…and the whole process takes from few hours to few days (depending your exposure and willingness to explore new).

Today it was no different. I was at the campus with three kids – One has never travelled, one has rarely travelled, and one has travelled before. But none of them planned the complete travel. Today was a good day to grow one step ahead.

It took them almost whole day – from finding spellings of various stations (google search needed the area), knowing the train, train route, budgeting, address to reach, searching locations in google maps…the day was engaged with travel.