What is training? Training means the process of bringing a person, etc, to an agreed standard of proficiency, etc, by practice and instruction. The word training gives me the feeling that I need to train myself, I am the receiver, I have to learn…as if training is a task. When I was working as lecturer in a college I did not like any training. Whenever it came to me I ran away from it by convincing my HOD with excuses like “other work is very urgent I will finish that….”.

But, at amable it is not that. My understanding of training has changed. Every training is different. Each training gives me a set of thoughts to churn. Training is not designed to reach somewhere rather it is designed to start the engine of the individual. At the end of each training I discover something new about myself.

I look forward for training at amable. Thinking skills training helped me to be aware about my thinking process.When we made different buckets during the training I realised one bucket was overflowing while one was totally empty. The way it was brought in training it looked very simple and convincing. During the day, this thought ran in the background – when it comes to food I do take care of variety, taste, nutrition, health and so on. When it comes to food of my brain ?????? My take away was to observe my thoughts more consciously. First let me be aware and then put challenges on me, my way of thinking.