Train Safety

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Recently we got a concern mail from a parent who accompanied few kids to travel by train. This brought an opportunity for us to review and be aware of role in safety. We read the mail together and analyzed the current situation of the codes as follows..

Train security codes – we analyzed the current situation of the codes

  1. When the train is coming (hear train sound) or train is at the platform, stay behind yellow line – 20%-100%

  2. When train comes, at the platform stay in groups of 2-3 and no talking (while boarding the train) – 17%-70%

  3. While getting inside the train or waiting on the platform, do not run in panic or excitement – 50%-100%

  4. Once you get inside the train, do not run, stay together and search for space to sit. 50%-80%
  5. Inside the train do not hang, run or jump etc. You can walk (if adult accompany ok) or sit in your place. 20% – 50%
  6. Take care of co-passengers by talking softly and not hurting them. 0-50%
  7. If standing, hold something. 20%-90%
  8. If changing space, going to toilet, getting up for any other reason – inform adult. 20-100%
  9. While getting down from the train stay in the group of 2-3 – 10% – 90%
  10. No talking to strangers unnecessarily or taking things from them – 70% – 99%
  11. If wanting to buy any snacks, buy from vendor coming inside the train only and do not get down to buy from the station. 100%
  12. Walk in group of 2-3 on platform to reach the parking. 2% – 100%
  13. If you are getting late, please do not call again and again to the faculty/ adult. Just come and if the train is late you will catch us. 100%
  14. Or do not call parents if the kids have not reached in time. If the train is late, kids will join. 100%
  15. Do not stand at the gate, not peep out/hangs out of window. Sit in your place. 90%-100%
  16. Do not throw plastic outside the train, making place dirty by throwing murmura, chips or biscuits. 55% – 100%
  17. Carry spill proof water bottle to take care of others. 50%-70%

  18. If anyone is touching or holding or talking to you or pulling cheeks or asking for your address or phone number or any other information – say STOP or inform adult with you. 50% – 100%

  19. If you want to walk on the track, do it before first bell and inform adult only at Kelmangalam station. This also we need to check with station master. (Yashas will check and inform us).

  20. Do not experiment with track like put stones, keep water packets,