Tipity Tap – story of doing


Dream, Do, try, fail, again try, reflect, connect, do differently, do it again, fail again, take help, talk about it, share, get inspired and inspire others…these are some of the common vocabulry at Aarohi.

One announcement “We need Tipity taps for all our wash basins, interested people can connect with the facilitator”. He came forward with his own design and imagination. He brainstormed facilitator, He took help of few, he wondered, he searched for material, he became friend with tools (some he used for the first time), he challenged self (with own deadline) and he installed his first tippy tap. Next day wind blew it…the story continues. He may take it up again, leave it for now, someone else might get inspired, someone else may get another idea, none will do it – whatever happens, its all part of discovering self in various situations like what happens when I fail what happens when I achieve, what happens when I try, what happens when I do not try, what happens when I dream, what happens when I create – the learning in each step is valuable.