Times of Aarohi


Imagine Aarohi where there are no tests and exams – because we believe that children can assess themselves, can reflect on this work on an ongoing basis. Also because children do not need to learn for some external objective (marks) but for their own love for learning.

How do we assess? Reflection is one while documenting our week is another. We document each week and its dynamics in various forms. This week we made our own newspaper. While the medium was making our own newspaper and each one made in their own ways. Some wrote pages while some just one words. Some drew while some decorated. They all represented and made their own newspaper in different forms but the purpose was same.

Often when we are involved in a task we rarely pause and think ‘what else, how else? Why not? And so on.

Weekly documentation allows us to connect back with our task, allows us to prepare for the next week and also allows us to assess ourselves.

Weekly documentation also allows us to recap our week in our own terms. Self-assessment while documenting becomes a naturalprocess.