Tic Tac Toe


We all play games – we at Aarohi also use games to reflect and add value in our learning journey.

We played Tic-Tac-Toe in many different forms. We used the game to explore various skills we used the various works we did, what all we need to develop and what all we already have. The exercise was to get the vocabulary of various skills, explore that for to achieve anything we have certain skills, and we need to develop certain skills.

Some expressions

  • Skills will make a difference like if i understand my skills, then I go inside and get more interested then have skills.
  • Planting more knowledge to grow plants and about the mud, setup I now know how to do it faster, I have a lot of focus on it,+ active. Art and craft =cutting I cut better now, i have a lot of focus on it and good at fixing and formation. jatre = understanding — observations active in many things now like craft etc. Magic of 1 = thinking in many things like study planning etc understanding better to go on forward. Sun shine = trying — active — doing in a lot of things I have been skipping my work. Campus care = active, listen ,focus, understanding. Planning. Sports Visuals help in thinking of anything better thought club = participation while we discussed and not getting distracted.
  • I came to know that I am good at designing. And not good at expressing. I want to develop in my another skills……
  • This week was focusing on skills so we played games so skills helps me in learning an having clarity.
  • i used were focusing on the task, thinking, understanding, listening in sessions and efficiency. it is important if to have a skill so i can understand and improve on the task and it helps me grow in any task.looking forward for being efficient,focusing on my work,listening and understanding.so when i was focusing i was efficient and i could do faster so i can do more task.listening makes me clear in sessions and i can be clear in sessions.my documentation is very clear and i am doing it in speed.understanding and listening helps in being clear and that is helping me in documentation.thinking about the tool helps in documentation. sometimes i was getting distracted but i do not think that anyone can be perfect in one skill.every skill helps in improving another skill and i want to use as much as possible.
  • My analysis is that this week in sports I have been getting angry and I am willing to change my ways and needs of winning. I also want to focus on my basic skills. And what I think is that nobody can have all the skills in the world but they can work on it. Someone like me can focus on the skills so they help in the task.