Three Steps


Welcome to the world of open learning atAarohi! Sometimes the word “open” can be misleading and lead to “doing nothing”. And doing nothing is not contemplating but distracting, postponing, procrastinating….Here we suggest THREE steps suggestion to start your open learning journey

ONE – Choose at least 20-30 things to explore including known, unknown, easy, difficult, new, old…. Share the list with us for us to add value.

TWO – Make your own structure – detailed minute by minute planning or completely open, or mix and and understand your working style.

THREE – DO! Understand your body constraints, mind constraints, emotional constraints and so on… understand food you eat, fitness you need, what your mind needs…living and learning are connected, so understanding your body and mind and food will help you.

Self directed learning is like entrepreneurship …you are constantly thinking what all you do and what next, how, with whom.Noonegives you instructions or check your work, you do because you like doing that work. Like that you plan your DOING. At this stage you are not 10yrs or 12yrs or 14yrs or 7yr old atAarohi(in the world of open learning), but few days/few weeks or few years old learners who have started your journey. So we as facilitator will be guiding you, sometimes pushing, sometime checking, sometimes questioning, sometimes observing, sometimes demanding, sometimes letting you be…sometimes we go wrong, sometimes we connect with you.

Suggestion – Let child try many different things…their interest will follow naturally. We may not be able to decide the interest first and then developing it. As they will do, they will connect naturally wherever they are able find her hold. Exposure can include…people, places, different skills and so on. Try some known, some unknown, some challenging, some comfortable…the magic will flow to them by itself, but they have to continue to DO!

Sometimes days/ months/ even years can pass by in just thinking and thinking…so it’s important that DOING is happening. The internal blocks can hinder the process ” I don’t know, how do I do, how will I do”. The trick is in doing, doing will help to discover blocks and doing will also help to come out of them. More you will do, more you get hold of yourself…while doing don’t need to be associated with “good, bad, success, failure” just do for the experience. AtAarohiyou are most welcome to experiment with a horrible recipe or falling wall…you learn from each experience.