Thoughts after Manthan

After reflecting in this Manthan, we would be continuing different groups and one concluding session for next Manthan.

1 Know Aarohi – Find information related to working of aarohi.

2 Understand Aarohi – Share your thoughts, concerns, doubts, ideas related to learning at Aarohi etc.

3 – Meet parent, understand parents and connect with each other.

4 Grow with Aarohi – take any topic and explore about children, learning, you and anything for example in next Manthan we may talk about “fear”. This can be a presentation by any speaker or just a thought exchange.

Under each category we can post the various topics. On the day of Manthan we can also write agenda of each group. We can also ask people to write in advance about the topic they want to talk about in each category – this will help people to choose the group.

Share your thoughts