Thinking Styles


Solve this puzzle. Be aware how (what strategies, methods, tools) you are using to solve this.

If day before, day before, yesterday was Wednesday then what day will be day after, day after, tomorrow?

When you are solving this puzzle how are you solving? How do you normally solve any puzzle? Are you solving it is same way?

Do you know that you can use different ways of solving the same puzzle? We call them “thinking style” – You can solve this puzzle visually, mathematically, verbally or kinesthetically (for example use your fingers).

Often we get stuck with ie style of thinking…and so our kid.

Encourage your child to think in different ways – and begin with you thinking in different ways. Its not about you or child is able to solve any puzzle (smart and intelligent), but it’s also about HOW and HOW MANY ways?

Education is not to reform students nor amuse them nor to make them experts technicians. It is to unsettle their minds, widen their horizons, inflame their intellect, and to teach them to think !” Robert M. Hutchins