Thinking I am able

As a faculty it was my first experience facilitating for Kaa preparation. I shared the same with kids.

Children began their work. Few shared with me what all they did. Few did what they were supposed to do. Few moved ahead in their journey.

Nowhere did they think it was their agenda to teach me anything, no way did they think it is their responsibility that I should know about the same. Nowhere in the process did they tell me you have to learn these things or do it this way or follow me. They just kept moving.
Few decades ago I am sure I was also the same, not worried to share my gyan, not bothered that I have to teach and I am the only one from whom children can learn.

Where, oh where I have lost this charm!!! I am happy that I have realized this and yes will bring that correction in self.

I am happy that I am in this profession, where I am with children, I can connect with children and always bring a lot of correction in myself.

Pondering how I will re discover myself. Oh, yes I definitely want to change and since I am able and since the children also believe I am able I will find the path.