Thinking Distortion


Often as an adult we explore various aspects of child development, we learn various theories and some of us even learn various psychological aspects of children’s world. But our learning and awareness is not complete without our kids understanding and participating to understand their own growth.

A session on “Cognitive Distortion” to understand how we feed our mind. It began with understanding what is “Distortion” and then came understanding about “cognitive distortion’.

An example of distortion – something what it is not actually real or true like “MANY people came to my home, while only THREE came”.

Brain is sometime smart, intelligent or even stupid. Distortion happens inside the mind, mind play trick. Sometimes it behave in way which is not helpful sometimes it is hurtful. You may call it “Thinking distortion”.

We explored how we distort our mind ( thinking) in various ways

EVERY Distortion – EVERY TIME I am watching movie, my parents calls me. EVERYTIME milk is over when I come. She is ALWAYS laughing. My mother shouts at me ALWAYS. EVERYTIME you shout at me”

Words like EVERY, ALWAYS don’t allow us think they even create LIE inside us.

Another way we distort our mind is by MAGNIFYING or SHRINKING – Make something look really big or look so small. Some examples “Your bag is as big as you. The food is so bad that even dogs can’t eat it. You have not taken bath for so many days, you are stinking from 10 feet”.

The magnification makes things so big that the mind gives up

Another distortion is “MIND READING”. We tend to make assumption what others are feeling about others “she is looking at me like this, she is angry with me”.

FAULT on Others or Self “it’s my fault, I am always wrong, I knew I will make mistake, I didn’t goal and my tea, lost the match”.

The session led to being aware about our own thinking and realization that whenever we think, is not always true (is this distortion?) 🙂