Testing and DOING

One of the thing we workship is ‘DOING’ at Aarohi – we call it TESTING. We engage ourselves in doing something at the campus which leads to testing by usages. Each child is engaged in making something at the campus. The doing can be a big projcet making of Dome of 30feet diameter or tipity tap for washbasin, make a tippy shower as bathroom, make gift with quality finish, make tyre seat, make resources to be used by others, cook for all, use and make musical instruments to add in music station and so on.Each time a child DOES something, the child goes through many learning processes.
A thought – Do you see SHAPES in MATHEMATICAL TABLES? We watched avideo showing a visual board of mathematical table. Making of this board itself took us time – first, we had to think what material, we worked on few materials like cardboard, wood etc but it did not suit our needs. Then a spark came and we used old lid of paint bucket,Now it was all about nailing and using geometry tools to make marks. Once we succeed doing this in two days, we played with color yarn to explore shapes.We were mesmerized to see beauty in mathematical tables!