What causes us to steal – is it temptation? If we delve deeper into this, living together brings all kinds of social dynamics. ​At campus we are experiencing children getting tempted and taking food items that either belong to others or belong to the campus (to be used at other time – these typically include chocolates and choco biscuit packets.

We spent some time at campus to understand keywords like temptation. The idea is not to expect a community where no temptations are present, but the idea is to understand and explore various situations of temptations. We all shared when we were tempted – We all shared how we feel tempted for cakes/chocolates etc. While they were sharing we realized that its not only chocolates or biscuits – we are tempted to over eat, to sleep, to talk, to play….suddenly the temptations did not look a negative words….this is part of life.

Exploring temptations allowed us to look at it differently and also understand the behavior which was earlier tagged as ‘stealing’.