telling a lie


Telling a lie

Introduction: i am the pmo of aarohi (publicity media officer, I am 12yrs old). And i have taken an interview of some parents and children in aarohi. And as you know i am writing about what people feel and what kind of thoughts come in their mind when somebody lies or they lie.

When people are told lie’s: it hurts the people that they are so close yet they would not share a secret. Why can’t the person just tell the truth. Getting angry at the person and then regretting why they were so harsh at the person. If the person is not so close to you the feeling is disappointment. But when they are close as told it is anger. The person feels bad that they did not tell the truth. And also thinks what made him tell lies. People also then build hatred that he/she told me a lie. The person would not like to be in that person’s company. Person would not want to believe him/her in the future. And for some people it also depends on the importance of the situation. When it is important the person has major disappointment. And if it is not important it would just feel bad that the person is not telling the truth. The person is a bad influence. The person should stay away from the group. The more lies the person tells he has to tell more to cover it up. Trying to avoid that person in all ways. And feeling really really angry. Wondering why the person lied. You would sometimes lose trust in the person. Disappointing when the person is really close to you.

So this is how people feel and think when they are told a lie. And now i am going to write about what people feel and think when they are lying or have lied.

When lie/lied: lying to avoid problems. Scared he/she would be caught. Feeling guilty for lying. Regretting the act. Apologizing to other person. Lying to people who won’t be able to take the truth. Make the person sad about his/her actions. White lies. Lying to avoid hurting other person’s feelings. Person also feels ashamed of himself/herself. Person gets scared doing wrong things but continues to do what he/she is doing.

My thoughts are that you lie in different situations like i would definitely lie to avoid a problem. Or to avoid hurting somebody’s feelings. Lying comes in handy sometimes like if you are good at lying you can be a spy so that no one finds you out. And you can also be incognito. But lying is always not good for example i can lie to hide something like doing something wrong. And as one of the thoughts came the more you lie the more you have to lie to cover it up. And for when somebody lies to you you feel traited. And you also feel like what was the other person’s need to lie. When the person is close to you you feel bad that after all you have done for them they just lie to you. And you feel like avoiding the person at all costs.

This is all i could collect about telling a lie. If you have more suggestions please inform me and if you have another topic in mind you can tell me.

Thank you for reading this please give me feedback.