Telgu in my session

Parmesh writes Telgu and can speak Kannda, Tamil and Telgu. He is wanting to learn english AND I can only read and write Hindi and English, I can only speak Hindi and English, I am not too keen on learning other languages, though I love listening different languages.

So what happens when me and Paramesh meet in the session at Aarohi?

In the session to write anything he was depending only me to write and then copy or copy from books. I found it very limiting. I wanted to use language for expression, for comprehending, for learning and did not want this to be a barrier in learning.

I asked him to describe and also start writing in Telgu. He was puzzled “you will not understand, then how will you check?” I explained to him “you do not have to write for me, you write for your learning”. He began and wrote and looked at me and again wrote and now he writes in Telgu befor I say anything. He is still puzzled, but he is does not wait for me.