Teen/Tween – a space to connect

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TWEEN and TEEN Klub a space to share/listen/express – something which is not often talked about. Sometimes a simple topic like “Pets” brings the engagement, while sometimes “why do I feel angry?” creates the listening space. Sometimes fear brings us together while sometimes joy makes the space alive. Whatever is the topic – we make it a listening and connecting space for all.


We are all bonding with this weekly space of our Tweeny Tweenies klub … We shared lots and lots of stories that were filled with feelings… There was something unique in each story yet there was a connection that we felt… Each story filled our mind maps too…

Cyber safety -We discussed on some layers of what happens within us… Thoughts of temptation, resistance. Feelings, Rules, Awareness,Consequences and many many more…Children shared their experiences on how they have handled situations, thought of what if’s…
With all discussions and sharing…children felt they just want to chit-chat next week… And that’s the topic..CHIT-Chat…
1. What do I do if I am not convinced about a rule… How do you work on this?
2. I have landed up in an unpleasant consequence because I did something online… I am scared to tell my parents as they might take off my access to the system/they would scold me badly if I told them the truth… What can I do about it?
3. I saw something accidentally while I was researching on a topic online… It’s disturbing me a lot… Can you help?
4. My friend is in trouble with Something online and I have promised her not to share it with anyone… But now I feel it’s going to land her up in lot of problems… Break the promise? But then what about trust? How would you decide what to do in such a scenario?These are some of the situations for you suggest help on… In case you want more understanding on any of these, let me know

Our theme was Yes Or No and decision making… We played a quick stimulation of thinking by getting up for every Yes Response and sitting for a No response… The questions were mixed some easy generic ones to the ones based on what would you do/your opinion… Children spoke how for some things it can’t be just a straight yes or no and depends on the situation…Children pondered a bit on how you decide before arriving at the yes or no..They expressed feelings play a major role to decideThey also shared some situations where they have regretted their decisions…More as we spent the time we were thinking and reflecting on different experiencesHmmmmmmmm… There is so much more to explore this aspect… We just touched a bit on it…Next week, we want to share our real life experiences and the feelings connected to that experience… To make it interesting we decided to even narrow down to the experience where we have encountered opposite feelings…Tween Klub a space to share/listen/express – something which is not often talked about.

CHANGE was the keyword today in teen Klub
What is changing? – Mind, body, ThoughtsAND MY CIRCLE was the tool
Why expand your circle?
You may not be comfortable talking everything to one person.
You may like to reach out to more people with different needs
You will get different support systems for different needsPl Note –not sharing the responses, just a reference from an article. And all changes do not apply to all. These are just a reference to start the conversation.

riendship and feelings… We started off by using mind map as a tool to think in different directions about of friends and friendship… We shared a bit on our thoughts…moved to what ate positive and negative feelings…how some actions in friendship create negative feelings… We had lots more to share but we also ran according to schedule…some children shared how the session made them feel – like refreshed memories, fun thinking,

We hear expressing “I am feeling….”.Started with selecting the various FEELINGS during the week
  1. Feelings when your needs are satisfied
  2. Feelings when your needs are NOT satisfied
Then chit chat in breakout rooms
And then getting to know the concept of Needs
Then chit chat in breakout roomsAnd then exploring Needs and Feelings vocabulary
For many the concept is new, the vocabulary is new.The video we watched on self-empathy
Needs Inventory –https://www.cnvc.org/training/resource/needs-inventory
Feelings Inventory-https://www.cnvc.org/training/resource/feelings-inventory
Basic Needs –https://www.nonviolentcommunication.com/learn-nonviolent-communication/feelings/Often the feelings are associated with a person or an event. And then the judgment follows (good, bad, required, not required, etc). but the exposure of NEEDS can help us and the kids to connect with self (needs). We are also exploring NVC in Parenting Klub (reading a book on NVC).
The prior knowledge of NVC (non-violent communication) helped me to just introduce this next step of awareness that feelings and needs exist in our lives and that’s all.

I felt the need to ask this question
Why are girls/boys shy to talk about their physical growth and mental growth?
It’s just natural to have growth. One shouldn’t be shy to talk about understanding what’s changing in our own bodiesSo let’s discuss these topics with one another openly without any hesitation

Trying to write it as short as possible…This session we spoke about Feelings, Needs, what if, what else, how, contribution, changes, what next, transitions, take-aways, efforts, purpose and everything centered around me, we, us and Tween Klub. Next session we plan to discuss about friendship and feelings.

One minute to observe each other
One minute to guess what is bothering others?
One minute to talk and other’s to listen
And watch this one-minute video “why he makes one-minute videos?” – do you feel that wish you had someone to listen to your story or you have someone with whom you share your story or you share with yourself?
And then our story in one minute after watching this story of the world in one minute – each one of us has some or other story (emotions, relationships, connections, expressions, and many more).Our Story in 1 minute
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSt9tm3RoUUWhy I make the 1-minute videos –

Our theme was Incidents – Hurt Incidents – Hurt!!!
We started sharing the hurt incidents that we have gone through…While, we were sharing, we also tried to note what was happening to us, to our feelings, outcomes, experiences. We realized instinctively we all shared about our physical hurts – some mild, some bad, some serious ones…We could empathize with each other’s stories…We had similar memories, We could narrow it down to most susceptible hurts…We spoke about emotional hurts – we spoke on embarrassment associated sometimes to hurt, the hurt of loosing someone you love, the memories hurt…interestingly we pondered about what hurt needs at times – attention!! As we were dwelled children spoke on Hurting yourselves Knowingly – and yes we could relate to it…We also thought of hurting yourselves unknowingly…. Why do we get Hurt? If we get hurt (physical) why does it take long to heal? Some questions that came which left us thinking with no answers expected…
We closed the session by creating Hurt as if it were to be someone –
Name (If you were to give a name to hurt – what would you call?):Mr. Blood,Mrs. Clumsy,Mr. Ouch,Ms. OOOOHHH
Colour (what colour would you give Hurt):Red,Pink,Dark Blue
Nicknames:Mr. Aaaaawooo
Family:Mom – Skin; Dad – Blood/meat,Mom – Mrs. Whoops; Dad – Mr. Batty;,Mom – Ms. Tears; Dad – Mr. Horrible
Likes:Cold Water,Attention,Caring,Being Clumsy,Sounds,Rest
Dislikes:Hot water,Not caring,No attention,Not being clumsy,Silence,No rest,Not hurt,Not being lazy ; Basically the opposites of Likes
Friends:Tears,Pain,Mrs. Lazy,Bandage,Dettoll,Blood,Embarrassment
Hobbies: –Grows when fed with:,our opinion about Mr. or Miss. Hurt