Teen-Tween Klub


We began with two questions
Do we need Teen/Tween Klub?
What do we want to do in this Klub?
I informed, “I am not part of this discussion”. I sat in the back seat. And captured some of these conversations

We don’t want to, but we may need it.
If anyone doesn’t want to join, just don’t join.
That anyway is part of any klub – don’t join if you donot want/need it.
How about long-term planning?
People don’t bring anything and we are back to square one.
How about making a spreadsheet?
We had done, but people don’t want, how do handle”
Try again sometimes things fail”
We need to move ahead, we just can’t sit here. Let’s try once again. If it does not work, we can find some more solutions”.
How about saying “I am tired of bringing the stuff”
Instead of making others feel bad, don’t join the session, the people will realize it themselves.
If they don’t interact, how will they learn
Hey don’t become like a teacher, in teen/tween klub we don’t learn, we only share with each other our problems, so don’t get angry, it’s okay to even chit chat.
Let’s make a spreadsheet
It will not work
Let’s try, this is the option now
Okay I will bring it next time, who wants to go next?
In Aarohi you just go into the Klub expecting that someone will bring for you, you have to work for yourself.
Do you want to go next? Do you want next? I can go after ….
Can someone explain what is happening here?
We are planing who will host the teen/tween klub every week
Okay come-on, someone raise the hand
I can go…, I can go…Okay we are done with the next six weeks of planning for both the Klubs.
I can’t I am traveling,
It’s okay if you miss
What If I miss
You are coming, it’s okay to miss.
So okay Let me repeat – you are on….
Can you just remind me a week before?
Even I forget
Can you post in discord?

Last Question
Some parents asking can they join?
Ans – Nooooooooo this is teen and tween space

One more last questions
Do you need Nimmi or Aditi?
Ans – Nooooooooo, we don’t need you in the session. But I may, I may, I may need help in bringing what to bring?

If you need any help/support in conducting/preparing the session to ask for it. Post in discord, someone will help you.
Can we call you? Can we wake you up at 12 in the night, can we…

Ok byeeeeee hunggggrrrrryyyyyyyy