Teen Club : Interacting with the Queer community.


After the session on Understanding Sexuality and Gender, we were curious to interact with the LGBTQIA+ community, listen from them their life experiences and perspectives. Personally I also felt an interaction was important because till now the only interaction has been through movies or seeing them begging on streets or trains. Listening to their perspective would give us a realization that they are also humans just like us with same emotions, needs and passions.

We did a online video call with two people who identify themselves as part of the Queer community.

A Transgender Individual who was born in the body of a Boy but felt the gender identity of a girl. She shared her struggle as a transgender, the shame, rejection, abuse, discrimination she faced from her family, friends and society. She talked about the acceptance she felt when she found people of her community, who accepted her for who she is. The freedom she felt when 377 was lifted and she was given legal recognition. She shared how she went through medical surgery from a boy to a girl to feel complete and accept her body. It was beautiful to listen to her life story.

A gay individual shared his life story with us. How he understood he is gay, how he was bullied in school, not accepted by friends, family and society. He shared how he struggled with religion for his identity, his struggle with family. He also shed light on the history of Queer community and gave perspectives on psychology. A beautiful thing he shared was to be able accept any body else, accept their gender or sexuality we must first accept and love ourselves. We must connect with our own gender identity and sexuality. He talked about how overall Queer community is disrespected and discriminated in our India and the world.

We listened a lot, asked questions and had a wonderful and open conversation with two people who so kindly gave us time and space to converse with them. From the conversation I take away the sadness of the brutal disrespect and discrimination that the Queer community have to go through, I also feel connected with them because of the understanding I have gained and I also carry hope for the future of our society.