Teen Club : Flow Game

The Flow Game is a powerful tool for creating an interactive reflection, dialogue and action space for groups, teams and individuals. I became a Flow game host after a three day training in March 2018. 13th Dec was the lucky day for me when I got to host my very first flow game with the people I care about.
Everyone has questions about their life like – Why am I pressured by other’s exceptions, How can I create a relationship with my parents of trust and so on. In Flow game you come with a burning question from your personal life. The game then leads you through the process of deep reflection on that question.
The game allows you to connect thoughts, look at your question through different perspectives of vision, action, leadership, relationships and from the element of heaven and earth.
In Teen club we began playing the Flow game – everyone got in touch with their burning question in their personal and professional sphere.
It was a challenging game to play, We had to push ourselves to connect with our selves, our truth. The game asked questions on our question and some of us got insights and some just got more confused. Not only was it difficult to reflect on one’s own question but be a part in other’s reflection.
We just touched the tip of the iceberg of Flow game and we will continue to explore the iceberg next week………..
Check out the flow game website : http://flowgame.net/#