Teasing and Living


The topic of Monday thought club comes from our life at Aarohi. Teasing is part of our life at the campus. We expanded it to “Bullying”. First, it was about exploring what is bullying, we came up with our experiences of – gossip, name-calling, physical abuse, playing a prank, putting down, isolation, rumors etc. When we did the audit of Bullying on “either I bully or I get bullied”, the individual score was 45 to 55. But the group’s cumulative score was ‘750’! What I do as an individual looks very small – just one prank or just once name calling. But when it gets multiplied, it looks severe. Left us thinking about our role in the social spaces.

Parents took part in the process and shared their perspectives and strategies to deal with it.

While any process or tools do not solve the problem immediately, nor it is the purpose. But the process gives opportunity for all to get sensitized and brings self discovery “It has become my habit and now I am realizing, I am working on it, I am feeling guilty to hurt others, I am realizing what I did”….Itsbeginning to start the self-discovery.