The other day one child showed communication file to me, it was written that somebody in class is teasing me and I am feeling bad about it.Then I asked what do you want to do? what is teasing? We brought this topic in thought club.
Kids responded as below
  • Teasing is somebody putting me down
  • Saying me monkey
  • Saying if you do this, I will not do that…
  • Some said bullying is teasing
  • Somebody making you embarrassed
  • Saying bad words
  • Saying you don’t know
  • Hiding something
  • Making fun
Some parallel thoughts were running in my mind.
If somebody is getting teased in front of me, what is my role? If somebody is teasing me, what can I do? How can I express? How do I empower myself to deal?
The whole incident was quite thought provoking for all !