Team Voice – Harmony


TEAM VOICE –A space and opportunity to understand the working of various teams and take decisions collectively. This week the teams shared teams facing various issues and needed community’sunderstandingand participation.
Kitchen team announced“Understand the waste and put in appropriate dustbin”. Suggestion to them”make a list of waste for each dustbins for better understanding”. We have eight dustbins in kitchen for our needs of bio gas and make bio enzyme, it is very common to get confused between dry and soft waste.
Campus team announced“refill buckets and maintain harmony in the community”.
Resource team announced“Resources are found all over the place including notes books, stationery, tools, yoga mats, jackets, sports equipments, library books, pillows, laptops….and its takes a lot of time in campus care to keep them back in place. Now onwards If we find any resource unattended it will be confiscated and will be returned after a commitment”.

Well,this announcement was juicy to create response and objections in the community. But this also created an understanding on the role of resource team during campus care and most importantly “how does one live in a community with harmony accepting each other”? We all miss our marks, not 100% perfect to keep everything in place – why does that need confiscation and a commitment? Can one not live with imperfection? The community thumbs down this proposal and asked the resource team to rethink, till then we all live happily live together with each other’s imperfections!