Teachers Training with Myrada


Often we are asked ‘how do children learn by self?
When MYRADA asked us to share about open learning with teachers from govt school, we felt kids themselves can share their journey.Teachers training for an NGO MYRADA (for govt school teachers) on understanding child led open learning. A team of Leela, Skanda, Lakshmi, Vaibhavi, Nandini, Krishna, and Arsalan – Planned, organized and Implemented joyfully and successfully.

Session with Govt School Teachers

It was quite interesting session.

The session just started with a serious introduction to each teacher. Their expectation was to explore and understand Child led learning at Aarohi.

They bombarded with questions shocking how can a child learn by themselves without teaching to read /write? How will they adjust to different school and colleges? Will it not a mental pressure on a child in higher standards? what is the future of this children? Without certificate how will their future be and so on ..….. They concluded with children need to have education and free learning.

We Listened and Listened and Listened with silence, then shared Its Ok to have all kinds of questions about free learning.
Did we start to explore and understand the different challenges at school?

Firstly it was parents zero involvement, poor background, the need for earn and to support parents and their environments are so bad that they are not aware of good and bad, disciplining them is the challenge. No option of hit or scold. On top of all how to reduce dropouts, increase attendance.

We listened and listened and listened to all with silence.

We explored according to them what were the capabilities they find in children. Initially, they thought and thought. Later they wrote and wrote and made a 100 way chain Pataka of capabilities.

Children took the next session, where they played a role play of teacher and we became children. We took few capabilities and asked the children to give opportunities to turn child’s capability into learning. All laughed and laughed and laughed.

Teachers started questioning the children journey at Aarohi about their interests? their future ? their joy? how can this place satisfy their learning? when and why do you change interest? if you keep changing how will you pursue future and so on and on ….

Children shared their journey beautifully with peace and calm and soaked in answering. I stood amazed looking at them with a smile.

Teachers did a reflection of their journey at Aarohi. They made the mind maps of what new experience was interesting to them.

They started with confusion, then thought and thought and they wrote and wrote and wrote.

It was amazing to listen to their appreciation of the learning system, System at Aarohi where every little task has a value behind, nature, working with children as children of all different levels were astonishing for them . They took away with thoughts about how all we can work with our own children as well as school children.

We said Bye Bye with a smile and sight of many thoughts in every one’s eye.


Vote of thanks from myrada and school teachers –to work with children like children at their level is something very difficult and to see that working here is amazing.System and cleanliness at every level from drinking water to washing station to books, resources, toilets , water usage everything is super.With available resource , using, reusing, best out of waste we do at some level but we can look into moreWater reuse, awareness of water usage,was hing station, love towards nature,not cutting trees, freedom, responsibility,sola r water heater, lights, involvement of children in all levels.Environment full of positivity which is inspiring to take it to our own children ,hom e as well as to our school.They made mindmaps of what they found interesting, new, ideas to implement at school and shared with all.