Talk about Sex


Children of various ages have needs to talk about sex topics. And this topic is a taboo topic very less talked in a healthy environment. Kids get skewed information and it becomes a joke rather a part of our lives. With the access of porn videos and other adult images on the internet, this deteriorates further.

A letter to children inviting them to make it healthy

Dear Kids,

‘Sex or sexuality’ has been associated with ‘dirty, ugly, disgusting, embracing, vulgar’. This is the topic which is often not talked openly. But the need to talk has made this topic a topic to tease, make jokes, hide and talk or bully.

As per your age, what you feel comfortable with – you can read, see videos and talk about like another gender. sex, masturbations, how babies are born and other questions you have. As you are reaching puberty age, we feel it’s nice if you talk and find out about the sexual feelings a boy and girl go through. As and when you feel its right for you to talk about attractions, boyfriend -girlfriend and the curiosity of sex. In this also discussing pornography and reading about it will be nice.

We suggest you to find a person you trust, your parents/ sibling or friends who can maturely hold you. With this person, you can regularly and openly talk about your feelings and thoughts about your body, about girls and boys and about relationships etc. Also of course as you grow up, you will experience different things, maybe even have different thought and questions, so it is important that you create a safe environment for yourself where you can converse on these topics comfortably.

When browsing the internet you may see some pictures or videos which may either shock you or create curiosity in you. Either way – accidentally stumbling upon such images and video is nothing wrong and you can openly talk about it.Sometimes your friends may share something pornographic – as if it is something premium – you can decide to see or not see it and then tell them – let’s talk this about to everybody. Sometimes you may secretly want to see or reach such stuff – try to either talk about this desire before to anybody or after you have done it. We don’t know whether seeing such stuff is good or bad – but we know that talking about it definitely healthy and makes you more comfortable with yourself, your actions and your desires.

You talk about airplanes and maths openly but often not talk about your changing feelings about other gender or body parts with openness. Often it is introduced to you as fun (for example middle finger and boulder for your genital). You don’t often get children of your age who talk about sex safely and in a healthy environment. But you can be that candle who can bring light. You can be that one person who can change the way children around you look at sex and related topics.


Mumma and Papa