Talent – Ponder with Questions

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TALENT – one word, one image, one perspective
Used QUESTIONING as a collecting experience in the community to just share QUESTIONS coming in mind with the concept of Talent. here is this what we harvest

  1. How many years of practice is required to become talented in any particular field?
  2. What to do if your talent and interest are different?
  3. Why do we need talent?
  4. Why is talent important to learn something?
  5. What is the true meaning of talent?
  6. What other ways can we use talent?
  7. Does being talented bring any feelings?
  8. Is there a difference between talent and skill?
  9. Is it necessary to showcase your talent to the world?
  10. What do these words mean… Hidden talent, inborn talent, acquired talent?
  11. Does the talent come through practice or interest?
  12. Am I hopeless if no talent in me?
  13. Talent can be acquired better at an early age?
  14. Is it too late to develop any talent?
  15. What do you call as talent?
  16. Is it necessary to be talented?
  17. What does it mean to be talented?
  18. What importance does it have in anyone’s life?
  19. what are the synonyms of the Talent?
  20. what are the antonyms of the Talent?
  21. What all it consist of?
  22. What all it comprises of?
  23. What does the absence of talent mean?
  24. What can be a metaphor for talent?
  25. Where all do I see talent in nature?
  26. What all is not talent?
  27. What can be a community talent? or it is independent or interdependent?
  28. Does it change with age?
  29. Does it increase with age or decreases?
  30. Is is proprtinate to the expereince?
  31. What is the role of intensity in talent?
  32. What are the different types of talents?
  33. If I am not talented at something does it mean I am not capable?
  34. Should I pursue what I think I am talented in?
  35. Is talent inborn or innate?
  36. Can I develop new talent?
  37. How to identify talents?
  38. Should we try to convert a talent into a profession?
  39. Can I just ignore my talents and keep doing what I want to do right now?
  40. Should I spend more time and effort on my talents?
  41. How helpful is it to be talented at something?
  42. Are there any disadvantages of being talented at something?
  43. If I ignore my talents now will it just die off?
  44. Is everyone talented?
  45. Is talent a gift?
  46. Can anyone become talented at something if they keep on practicing?
  47. Is there anything like best talent?
  48. Why are there shows like India’s Got Talent?
  49. Are people happy that they are talented at something? What other feelings does it bring?
  50. When there’s a conflict between talent and interest, why is talent vilified?
  51. Why should interest dominate talent?
  52. Why is a personal choice more important than collective benefit? What if my adherence to talent development and sacrificing interest brings greater good to humanity?
  53. Why is individual preference and freewill worshipped in the discussion between talent versus interest?
  54. What would happen if I’m not “interested” in cooking, cleaning, earning, housekeeping, homeschooling, etc? Don’t some things just have to be done whether or not we r talented or interested?
  55. What happens if we enthroned a child’s interests above all else, including natural talents? Does it or doesn’t it give the child a false expectation of reality and society
  56. Why can’t we negotiate that the child balance e and develop both interest and talent? For eg child is talented in dance but interested in baking. Do both. Negotiate frequency and intensity but don’t drop talent development altogether
  57. Doesn’t talent development come with an expiry date?
  58. Doenst talent develop deeper and stronger the younger the brain and body?
  59. What if the child switches interest again and again; won’t the talent development streak provide the income source necessary to support the development of changing interests?
  60. How will the child learn financial independence if they keep depending on our income source to explore varying interests?
  61. Do talent and interest have to remain “never the twain shall meet?”
  62. Isn’t there a hack to convert talent into an interest just as vice versa?
  63. Other than time and commitment what other factors catalyze the conversion from talent to interest?
  64. Enthroning interests above talents, doesn’t it promote instant gratification?

Few Jokes on the topic:

  • What is one word to ask somebody to talk about their talent: Telllent

  • What do say when your talent is in your bums: Tailent

  • What do you say when your talent does not give you success: Failent

  • What talent do people have in churches and temples: Bellent

  • What do you advise to people who need to market their talent: Sellent

  • What talent do witches and language teachers have – spellent

  • What talent people in perfume industry have: Smellent

  • and finally what talent most parents have: Yellent