Tale of a Tall Tale


It was full attendence..all kids ready for a story…

Children heard a Tall Tale – it was having vivid description of color, texture, feel, fragrance, foul smell, film personality ( Amitabh Bachchan, mumbai travel, height, color, conversations, time schedule….it was full of details. Children travelled with the story and then were stopped abruptly. Faculty called on any one volunteer to give a twist and create an end for the story. One child volunteered and came forward to complete the story. The end was appropriately imaginative:)
We were exploring and experiencing what is a Tall Tale, during the exploration of Visualization objective.
We discussed what is a Tall Tales and also what is a legend. As a story teller, I enjoyed the attention I got and also the surprise in my listener’s eyes- as if they were asking, is this true:)