Tailoring and Entrepreneurship

If you are a beggar read this
If you are poor read this
If you have entrepreneurial spirits read this

I was stitching curtains for the campus – one child came to me and started helping with moving the handle of sewing machine………………and started asking many questions. I was busy with my stitching, he announced “aunty lets take break for questions”. He asked me endlessly many questions about the sewing machine and I was a listening wall for him.

He looked at his pant and thought “I can also stitch, I need new cloth”. I tried convincing him to use “old duppaata and try before getting into new cloth – but he was clear”. He cut and we together stitched two pants – one was big enough for his hands another was little wider but just enough for one hand. He also explored :how does one make design over it”.

At the end his announcement “If you are poor or beggar, you can beg more or work a little more or borrow money and buy a sewing machine and few new clothes. Now stitch the clothes – you also wear new clothes (as stitching is free for you) and also stitch for others and earn money and you do not have to beg or you will not be poor”.

If you want to meet this child to explore your entrepreneurial spirits, let me know.