Tag: Integration

  • The Love Story of Values and Rules

    Rules and Values have their love story to share. They are inseparable. Let’s all interpret this love story individually. Rules do not limit us, they actually let us spend time to focus on things that we really value.

  • Whats in a name?

    We are accustomed of getting satisfied when we know the definition of something unknown. Introspect and we will find many examples from everyday life where we know without understanding of concepts. Is understanding more important than knowing?

  • Independent Learner

    Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish, and you feed him for a life time. Few years back I was reprimanded by my daughter’s teacher for not making my daughter learn her spellings for the dictation. Yes, I had seen the entry in her diary…

  • Word Magic

    What is the basic role of language? If your answer is – To communicate / to Express, then i am sorry to inform that you did not score well in this test. Read on to know why.