Tag: Experiencing

  • Soiled by Adjectives

    A verb implies action thus adds to the experience of a doer. An adjective implies perception. it may or may not be right. Create a limitless living of experience or create a prison of adjectives – Decide.

  • On gender bias

    We carry the legacy of gender based environment. We behave similarly based on similar beliefs. Instead of talking about gender based stuff , let’s create an ecosystem which enrich their thinking and experiences.

  • Considering Concentartion

    Imposed concentration or joyful focus? If the work is attractive or it sparks the interest, children will cross usual concentration period of 20 min. If its enforced, one may not even wanting to do. Let’s be F-A-I-R to children.

  • The Myths of Quality Time

    Parents conveniently define quality time as per their need. At times it is also exchanged with quantity. Quality time is intention oriented time spend with child not for the child.

  • Green Environment, Nature and Education

    In today’s world we normally get an overdose of environmental gyan. We have green-everything being offered everywhere. Most of us are actually wary of these exposures, the claims, even the education. So, i am not keen on giving any lessons, but thoughts that i would like to share with children, perspectives that I would like…