Tag: Behaviour

  • Child’s misbehaviour is just vomit

    When a child vomits what do we focus on? When a child misbehaves what do we focus on? If we realize that misbehavior is just the vomit that we see, then we change our attention to the child, not the vomit.

  • Teach your child how to Lie

    Do children Lie or they justify at that moment? If there is nobody to Lie to or no reason to Lie to – Where will be the need to Lie?

  • Fundamental of Disciplining – Respect

    Hierarchies create a social divide. Families are no different. Treat children at par. See them as fellow human being and interact with them with same respect as you would to any other adult and experience the magic.

  • Are all Feelings Okay?

    Can the sea decide what should be the height of tide or how forceful it is. similarly feelings arise and ebb naturally. Important is during those tide we sail with child to connect and provide an anchor of understanding.

  • Myth of the misbehaved child

    Are the behavior and character same? Does a misbehave make me a bad person? All of us are work in progress so why to bother child for their misbehavior. Rather give them the gift of understanding and help them to flourish.

  • Express not Impress

    True connection is honest communication not by creating a façade. Express so that children feel their importance in the family. Don’t seclude them from your being human.

  • Teasing

    Every emotions serves some needs. Teasing is no different. Empower children to understand it from problem solving perspective. Help them to explore various solutions.

  • Value Education

    Values help in travelling the journey of life. We don’t develop them automatically but through experience and observation. Child is not different. Let’s coach the child to set his compass.