Sustainable Education

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I was called to give a presentation on SUSTAINABILITY and education by IIM Lucknow.

Below is the presentation I used and also some notes from the talk.


  1. Education is about living, and living by its definition has to be sustainable.
  2. Is education trying to just feed the children – knowledge. Is this sustainable?
  3. Am I allowed to dream, what I want to do and how I want to do? Imagine I enter the school and I am asked ‘what do you dream?
  4. The topic ‘sustainable education’ at IIML conference of sustainability led to exploring ingredients of sustainable education. When I think of education, I think of key ingredients for a self-sustainable education which are
  5. S stands for self – I studied a whole lot of subjects, I never studied the self. Trying to be aware who am I, how I think, function and live.
  6. P stands for people – we all live in an interdependent system, we cannot exist all by myself. I need to understand how do I connect with people with each other.
  7. A stands for agitation – can we not question and make each child think – and out of their thinking would they evolve as sustainable individuals.
  8. C stands for choices – making learners realize that every single moment we live out of choices, we have always numbers of perspectives, thoughts, and options available. Hence we are aware of the choices – we can automatically over time reach the most optimum solution
  9. E stands for Enjoyment, the whole idea that we are just not living to live, but to find joy in everything we do. A very fundamental of our existence. Perhaps most important ingredient of our self-sustainable existence.
  10. Aarohi, no syllabus, no teacher, no structure, each child decide howand want to learn. Environment agitates them, pushes them.
  11. At Aarohi, we are at the shore of open learning.