Summer and holidays

This is the first year when we are exploring different format of holidays and that demanded change in the way we look at holidays. I had my own apprehension about “how will I change my frame of mind to work during holidays (so called). What about my mental break? What about my rest? What about my long list of to do? ………………….Well, kids were clear and we all began with working during summer.

There was nothing different, we all worked the same way we have been working during rest of the year. I got my space to work, my space to rest and…………………….my time to work on my to do list.

It was not about working during summer, but it was about questioning the rest of the year. How I have created this wall of weekends and holidays for myself? At campus I am learning to live all days like weekends or holidays and also all weekend and holiday as working days.

During all days I bring balance of my self work, self time, community work, community time, entertainment for self and contribution to the community. I am beginning to be aware of my needs and finding time (any day) for that. Its nice journey – my gratitude to kids who pushed us to keep campus open during summer too.