Summer of 2016 – Enterprising


Kids at Aarohi have been taking responsibility of various sessions, this summer they moved one step ahead by participating in planning and organizing the event of summer 2016.

One notice ‘inviting volunteers to be part of summer organizing’ resulted into response from 5 kids. I was not sure what and how much they would like to take responsibility. As we planned, we worked, they started taking more and more responsibilities. One of them who looked small in size and age would ask for more and get sanctification with doing challenging works. He did not show any sign of tiredness. His enthusiasm gave me courage to give entire working of summer in their hands. They took up various responsibilities ranging from welcoming them to ensuring their stay is safe and pleasureful. They took part in mentoring them for various activities and arranging resources.

They served to more than 100 guest in last one month. They worked as professionals, delivered to satisfaction. They earned their first salary. They experienced enterprising moments. They made mistakes to learn from them. The results were self correcting tools, openness to feedback was self assessing tool. They needed to take bigger challenges to discover themselves.

Celebrating beginning of enterprising moments at Aarohi.