Suggestion List – Can be done in Friday workshop

Read/ Share your favourite book or the book you are currently reading.

Cook with kids

Share recipes

Play any game

Skip and jump and hop with kids

Share video of your office.

Share jokes,

Tell stories – imaginary, your own, or from the books.

Make and Share tall tales

Share pictures – your child, your own childhood, your holidays

Share things you have at home – for example specific things belongs to your state

Any thing you are learning

Anything you know like how to repair a tube light, install a call bell or suitcase zip.

Any skill you know – stitching, painting, sketching, singing, playing, cooking, decorating, dancing etc etc

Anything else you do like aerobics, yoga, meditation, etc

Play number games, playing cards etc.

Play board games with them.

Play indoor games like Carrom, chess etc.

Show your favourite movie or any video

Share your interest area like geography, sky watching, bird watching trekking, travelling, physics, chemistry, maths etc etc.

Bring you colleagues/ friends/ neighbours with you who would like to spend time with children or like to do any of the above.

Do gardening with them

Clean neighbour hood with them.

Make any art and craft item with them.

Decorate Genie kids with them

Make TV shows with them.

Dance together

Sing together

Play together