A story of Unschooling with Sunitha

My journey of homeschooling/unschooling started 6 years ago. Though I liked the concept, I did not have the courage to start unschooling, my son, Skanda who was 8 yrs then (14yrs now). It was a difficult choice. All my family members were not only against but also very furious with me. A bitter experience in the school made me take the decision of taking Skanda off the school and start homeschooling him. The journey of learning did not only started for Skanda but also I started learning and growing with him rapidly.
I started recreating school at home because I did not know anything else. I was also fearful and doubtful. The thought of did I make the right decision, hope I am not taking risks with my child’s life, etc etc. was bothering me every now and then.
Skanda is a child who loves to explore different things. He has shown interest in various things in the last 6 years. His interest varied from dance, art, caricature, skating, swimming, cycling, making cycle ramp, making and selling mosquito repellent, making an iron knife, knife throwing, cricket, an internship with the animal rescue team, writing, and singing rap to currently making music. I am loving the exploration with him.
My daughter Smriti, 9 yrs has never gone to any school. She has only experienced my preschool. I have never taught Smriti to read or write until she wanted to learn. She is very interested in art and animals. She wants to be an artist and an animal saver when she grows up. She is still trying to figure out how the combination will be….I am enjoying her curiosity and innovation with her.
Our learning journey took a leap when we joined Aarohi. That’s where we all learned to trust that every person is a resource and everything under the sun is a curriculum. Aarohi helped me to strengthen my conviction in unschooling. Here is where also we got a contributing and non-judgmental community, which has become my new family.
Now after 6 years when I look back I feel that was one of the best decisions I took. My children thank my mentor Richard for introducing the idea of homeschooling to me. Every day is new learning for us, every day we are growing, learning, and reflecting as an unschooling family.