Story of Thinkers and Great Kings

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The story of A Philosopher and a King in a Jaatre with Vihaan on “thinkers and great kings”. He made the topic easy for us, he brought Socrates and Alexander closer to us.
So, here is a man in Athens who was born to a Sculptor and a midwife.
And he also worked as a stonemason. And he also served in Athens Army.
He never had a bath. Wore the same dirty cloak – Toga for his whole life.
He walked barefoot.
He was a typically ugly looking man but he had a beautiful mind. The youth of Athens were crazy after him. They loved him so dearly.
He slept very less.
His fulltime job was to talk … blah .. blah ..blah.. blah .. blah..blah
He asked questions … to everybody .. from shopkeepers to military generals.
He used to ask the rich .. Why are you rich?
To shopkeepers .. Why do you sell?
To military generals .. Why do you fight.
Like somebody asks us .. Why are you at Aaarohi?
.. What do you do here?
… Why do you do it? Etc.
Why did he ask questions … To understand what is what. Why is the way it is.
And ultimately to do things properly and seek happiness in it.
He didn’t write anything.
And he had a student named Plato. he wrote everything about him.
When he became old somebody complaints against him and put him in jail.
He drank the juice of Hemlock and died but we still remember for his greatness .. that was .. talk. This horse remained with him till the end.
Then he becomes the king of Macedonia
Embarks on the journey to Asia…
Middle East
India and he wanted to cross Ganga to reach the richest and biggest empire of that time .. Magadh
Present-day Bihar
His army revolted against him. They wanted to go back and meet their families.
His army was terrified when they saw Asian elephants in India.
He got injured by a poisoned arrow on his way back. War is a terrible thing. And we should stop having war so that no more people die.