Story of Struggle


We needed a slab to keep extra luggage in the one of the room. One of the children who like construction work took the initiative.

This is not just a slab, this is the story of self-motivation, struggle, and achievements.

He was excited to use old glass bottles to make a slab.

He measured, cleaned the place and started.

The bottles didn’t come in straight line. He needed to use tools to make it straight.

Next, he needed to collect stones to fill up the slab, few guests, few kids joined him in this hard work.

Then he needed to make a final slab. He felt he cannot make it, hence wanted the mason to make it.

He connected with Seenappa Anna (our resource person), understood the process and proportion.

He wrote the whole process.

He understood the properties of the material.

He learned to use various construction tools.

He took few weeks to make (Anna made another slab in in half day).

He finally made it!

He was happy with himself!

Imagine, Aarohi-an open learning community where children learn because they want to learn.

Imagine, Aarohi-an open learning community where learning is not stagnant – it comesin many forms.

Imagine, Aarohi-an open learning community where we are in no hurry to learning to happen, we let it go and grow!