Story of Structure


What makes one to feel that only structured education can teach you how to learn in structured way?

Our son Dhrupad, now 13yrs old has never been to any structured education. Often that also lead to surprise for others “then how is he learning maths and science?”

Last two years he had been going to learn Skiing, in a highly structured environment (ex-army instructurers) and both the time he focused more on the learning Skiing rather than the structure of the course. He followed all the instructions to the core, learnt all the techniques and even took part in the competition and also won the races. He has finished two levels. In intermediate level course he got award for understanding the techniques. He along with nine more kids who all are part of open learning environment at Aarohi passed exams in skiing at different levels and took part in different races.

In surfing he also did well with the instructions, he along with six more kids from Aarohi learned Surfing with ease and excitement.

Deep diving course at Andaman Islands was no easy course. The day one had full day theory class and he ensured that he is reaching in time for each session, following all the instructions, understanding about the equipments, reading all the study material with the group, taking quizzes, working in a team ( all ages, mostly people of 20 years and above) and giving swimming test in the ocean.

Day two, three…were the real test in ocean bed, putting in practice what he learnt in theory classes. He did well (he was lovingly known as the star baby of the group). While some of the adults were struggling to get the hold of the equipments, he was sailing through all his lessons. Each day 2 session of 45 minutes under the sea followed by technical briefing were no easy task. But still he would get time to play football by the seaside.

The course was not about just jumping in the sea and see fishes (as shown in movies) but tested all the academic skills of science and maths. Wherever he didn’t understand, he asked or read more. While he has never been to any formal maths and science classes, he didn’t find any problems in understanding density, and pressure to understand the concept of deep sea diving.

Often the learning is packaged in subjects and any deviation to that is questioned. And open learning being packed “to the order” receives a lot of questions and apprehensions. Our host at Andaman was no different and was shocked ” if you don’t go to school, how do you learn subjects”?