Story of Sonal


25yr old, started her life as normal as how many of us did – schooling, college and then work. Then she started questioning herself, could not stay for a long in job and started feeling need to do something more. She joined ‘teach for india’ and continued her journey – here she heard about ‘alternative education’ through her colleagues for the first time in her life and was more confused in life by knowing that there are other ways of learning too. She began her journey in quest to find her passion and her own need to connect with kids. She spent time with various learning places and finally decided to travel more. This year she is just travelling and finding what is learning is all about. She found peace in Gandhi Ashram. She spent a week at Aarohi.

Meeting her was refreshing. Her story is passionate, Quickly she connected with kids and was part of community in a day. Her quest for learning is contagious … I wish more youngsters take a leap and connect with their inner self and find the JOY of LIVING.

We wish you happiness Sonal.