A Story of Renovation

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Outdoor to explore Innovation atMurali’s House that turned out to be a carpentry museum. Story of Renovation – brought creativity alive in every corner of his house. Murali Magic Wood designer-made furniture movable all around the house and designed as per his needs and space availability and as per his wishes.

Many parts of his house are renovated by Recycling and Reusing existing materials. He has been thoughtful in taking care of his 3 constraints in his life “ REDUCE, RECYCLE, REUSE”.Every furniture that has been reused in his house has given such a vibrant shape and look with his magical skills of carpentry. HisPassion towards working in wood is inspiring and was bubbling from his heart as he shared a story of thoughts behind every change in the house during renovation. His entire house is white in color including flooring and his bed – He says white brings peace within and around. This choice of color brought a lot of awareness and high maintenance is only in mind and once we are out of it, it’s easy to keep white as white.This intentional choice of color brought us more awareness in our living style that we were unaware in our living style like some common habits touching walls.

We also explored his carpentry space, which had a clean and free space to walk around just for welcoming us to keep us safe to walk around to explore. An innovative design that can be removed and relocated at any required space, Its pillar – is rainwater collecting space. Every Tool had a story about how it reached his space and explained its usage with love and passion. Murali’s father -was a Pen specialist, who had his own pen shop. His passion still continues and had a huge collection of old pens of around 5000 pens. We pondered on a few different parts of a pen, how it looks and feels. We Pondered with few questions – Guessing which part of the furniture is reused wood, what is seasoned wood? How is drinking water coming out?where does the bell ring? why white? how is glass hanging upside down? Ended the visit with a thought one thing that inspired in everyone , an idea to implement to their needs at their living spaces- one said foot pressing tap, movable coffee table, Drinking water from pulling Conch Shell, doorbell ring with a brass bell, towel hanger, room inside wardrobe,movable dining table,pickle and snack wardrobe,rolling shutter for grocery, corner racks, rope grills for steps,….. The list is long.

We all had“WOW”, “Its amazing” “Super” expressions throughout our explorations. Murali says“ Everyone can think creative if one chooses to think creative”.“Creativity as per my choice and my comfort and my needs is his mantra in his house “.