A story of Ratnesh


Ratnesh, our source of inspiration in many ways. He does not teach nor ask us to learn, he just keeps learning by himself. He is unique in many ways and known popularly as ‘tormentor not mentor’. His mentorship will ensure all thinking brain working and learning by own challenges. He rarely helps anyone and he helps us by not helping. He is very unpredictable, never satisfied with one work of working – working with him brings frustration if not ready to explore self, but once explored self, it brings tremendous joy and gratitudefor what he is. Known for his openness, direction, and goofiness, his introduction in his words

You don’t need to know me:I am inconsequential.
Think of me only as yeastwho is out to agitate;
or consider me a shakerwho’s jobis make you churn;
or use me as a flipperto turn you upside down;
or maybe I am a mirrorwho will try to reflect
what all is inside youthat you ​would liketobe aware
Do not agree with me for thenIam not required,
Do not disagree with mefor then you waste your time,
but beyond the boundaries ofjudgment
think… and you shall discoveryour own learning.

He says ‘I like nature walks, traveling, drumming, making things, reading poetry, watching movies, playing both indoor and outdoor games/sports, watching stars, gardening, … and the list keeps growing all the time. I enjoy doing things with children – especially theater. I have been working with children and doing workshops for parents and teachers since 1999. I like designing learning resources and activities. I enjoy O-Campus and community life at Aarohi’.