A story from Mother’s DIary – Aarohi X


This happened at Senthil nagar, Bodichipalli. A mango tree which gives yummy, juicy mangoes every year in the month of July, was home for a crow with white streaked neck. Looks like it loves to wear this necklace all the time. This day was special for this crow. A liitle egg hatched (crack!) and a baby crow came out with all excitement. Mama crow fed and the baby crow grew.. Mama fed again ….it Grew…..Mama fed again n again…..and the baby crow GREW (Boom!). The baby crow knew, it’s time to fly. But alas one day, it just fell from the cozy nest (Cush mush!). And the little baby crow’s flight to eternity begins. First day it is trying to get the feel of the new place. Head rolling all over to listen to mother’s caw( dwing… dwong….!). It is fluttering it’s wings but going round and round…(droing.droing!). The same happens the second day. The third day, the baby crow is perched on the cemented seat. Aha..the baby crow is now one step ahead. It sat through the heavy rain. It took shelter under the seat. When the rain stopped, it was there on the seat again. The fourth day…it is on the same seat cawing here n there to glory. Now it is time for the baby crow to hop n jump. And that’s what it does. It went all over the garden (bling…..bling…blong… blong!) . There were people walking up and down the space. Boys from neighbourhood teased it with sticks but it sat there with the hope of flying. The fifth day, the litlle baby crow is all set to fly. Enough is enough it’s time to fly now. And it flies to the first branch of the tree from the ground. The baby crow is snuggly sitting on the branch (mush….mush..!). The whole night it stays there. The sixth day, the little baby crow is now all set to say bye bye to this moringa tree. To the slightest human voice, the little baby crow reacts and flutters it’s wings. It did not loose the hold though. It just drags its feet (screek…screek!) and quickly holds on to the branch of the teak tree. Here, the baby crow sat happily preening itself.
We will have to wait for the rest of the story of baby crow’s flight to eternity. Today is the sixth day.
Meanwhile, answer this: What do you think? What are all the HOM’S (Habits of Mind), for example, commitment, patience , listening etc, the baby crow is exhibiting in this real life story?
Spot the baby crow on the Moringa tree.

Aparna, Mother of a 10yr old Achalesh